A Collection from the LeapPad Library is an interactive book with no cartridge available as the LeapPad Learning System. It also has samples on the pages.

The colors for Leap Start and Leap 3 are Christmas. The colors for Leap 1 and Leap 2 are Westwood. The colors for the Phonics Program and the Quantum Pad are Mesa High.


Leap is on the cover of the interactive book and its title is also on the book.

Colors by BookEdit

Original Series Edit

Plus Writing and Microphone Series Edit

  • General [Pre-K to 2nd grade] (red and black)
  • Plus Writing or Plus Microphone or Both (as Plus Writing and Microphone) (black and white)


Title Chapter Color Subject Teaches about
How to Play With Your LeapPad Learning System N/a N/a Direction for Using The LeapPad System
Tad Goes Shopping Leap Start Early Math Numbers, Colors, and Sorting
Richard Scarry's Parts of the Body Leap 1 Vocabulary Development Body Part Names
Lil's Loose Tooth Leap 1 (original)
Phonics Program (Plus Writing)
Phonics Development Short Vowels
Disney's Winnie the Pooh: A Sweet Good Morning Leap 1 Phonics Development Reading
The United States of America Leap 2 Geography United States
Sections of the Band Leap 2 Music Musical Instruments
Fun With Languages: Things We Do At Home Leap 2 (original)
Leap 1 (Plus Writing)
Foreign Languages Languages
The Paper Piano Leap 2
Leap 1 (Plus Writing)
Music Keyboard and Music Theory
The Skeletal System (The Human Body) Leap 3 (original)
Quantum Pad (Plus Writing)
Science Body of Bones
The Wizard of Oz (removed from the Plus Writing edition) Leap 3 Classic Chapter Books Reading the Chapter
Bottlenose Dolphin (Amazing Mammals!) Leap 3 (original)
Leap 2 (Plus Writing)
Science Animals of the Ocean
Our Solar System (Quantum LeapPad) (Plus Writing only) Quantum Pad Science The Solar System

Colors of ChaptersEdit


Leap Start (red)Edit
Leap 1 (orange)Edit
Leap 2 (blue)Edit
Leap 3 (green)Edit

Plus WritingEdit

Leap Start (red)Edit
Phonics Program (yellow)Edit
Leap 1 (orange)Edit
Leap 2 (blue)Edit
Quantum Pad (purple)Edit

Plus MicrophoneEdit

Phonics ProgramEdit
1st GradeEdit
2nd GradeEdit
3rd Grade and upEdit



  • In the Plus-Writing edition, Welcome to the LeapPad Learning System: Leap Start, Welcome to the LeapPad Learning System: Leap 1, Welcome to the LeapPad Learning System: Leap 2, Welcome to the LeapPad Learning System: Leap 3, and The Wizard of Oz are removed, while Welcome to the LeapPad Learning System (Table of all contents), Take the next step in learning with the Quantum Pad learning system, and Our Solar System are added.
  • The background music for How To Play With Your LeapPad Learning System is different in the Plus-Writing and LeapPad Pro editions, than in the original version.
  • The blue version has a Tyrannosaurus Rex replacing Leap; however, it is the same as the red counterpart.