Robot Quigley


Burfder is a purple blob.


In the Letter Factory, Dad shows Mr. Websley a machine where he double checks all the letters. Burfder appears after the first 7 letters of the alphabet show up on the machine. Dad cancels him out and calls a letter H at checkpoint 3.

In the CGI Series, there are many Burfders that come in many different colors.


(Singing) "...and the Burfder says: VESTVOOM "

Through The Years Edit

  • The Letter Factory - Burfder has three electric wires popping out and no eyes.
  • The Letter Factory Game (Leapster version) - Burfder has eyes and his electric wires are omitted.
  • CGI Series - Burfder now has arms and legs. The iris of his eyes are blue.

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