Things We Do At Home is a LeapPad one-page foreign languages activity. Fun With Languages is also on this page. It was released for Leap Into Learning and also A Collection from the LeapPad Library. In the early 2000's, the Frog Family was replaced with illustrations of human people.


The gold starburst was replaced with a globe. The buttons were revised, and the title changed typeface. Here are the changes from the Frog Family to people:

Word Old version New version
Read Leap reading a book Girl reading book
Go to Bed Tad sleeping Woman sleeping
Listen to Music Dad listening to music Boy listening to music
Use the Computer Grandpa using the computer Boy using computer
Play the Piano Mom playing piano Woman and Girl in piano lesson
Eat Lil eating a sandwich Boy eating a burger and fries


  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese


English Spanish French German Japanese
Read Leer Lis Lesen Yomu
Go to Bed Acostarse Aller au Lit Geh ins Bett Neru
Listen to Music Escuchar Musica Ecouter de la Musique Musik Horen Ongaku o Kiku
Use the Computer Utilizar el Ordenador Utilise L'Ordinateur Benutze den Computer Konpyuta o Tsukau
Play the Piano Tocar el Piano Jouer au Piano Spiel das Klavier Pianowohiku
Eat Comer Manger Essen Taberu


  • In the old version, it has a gold starburst.
  • In the new version, it has a globe.

Old Version with the FrogsEdit

The old version has the Frog Family.

  • Leap
  • Lily
  • Tad
  • Mr. Frog
  • Mrs. Frog
  • Grandpa Frog


  • In the old version, this marks the debut of Mrs. Frog, Mr. Frog, and Grandpa Frog.
  • Some of the humans from the new version probably appeared in the 5th Grade Math page Percent.
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