Grandpa Frog or Gramps or Leap's Grandpa or Leap's Grandfather or Grandfather Frog or simply Grandpa is a grandfather to Leap, Lily, and Tad.

Voice Edit

His voice was provided by Bob Ayres.

LF Grandpa

Personality and Facts Edit

Grandpa Frog is a funny adult to the kids and likes to make jokes. In The Birthday Surprise, he and the kids look for Mom's gift at The Alphabet Pond, and was also seen with a harmonica. In Tad's Good Night, he helped Tad to "Be Happy". He has lots of antique items in his attic. He also appears in Tad Goes Shopping, The Birthday Hunt, and The Great Dune Buggy Race. Gramps’ age is the late 50s (revealed as 58).

He is absent in Leap's Big Day and Counting on Leap.

He was born December 10, 1941.

He encourages Leap to work harder in Leap Tries Again. He is symbolized for the song “This Old Man” on the Phonics Radio.

He never appears in the television series.

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