How to Play With Your LeapPad Learning System appears in A Collection from the LeapPad Library. It teaches kids about usage of the LeapPad.



  1. Place the book in the player as shown (and insert the cartridge on the right handed side of the player).
  2. Push the POWER button to begin play.
  3. Now, have some fun!

Signs and Book PromptsEdit

  • Touch the green GO circle to start the fun (always on the side of the page)
  • Touch the stop sign to stop the play
  • Touch the ear/speech bubble to hear words read aloud
  • To play a game, touch the game icon at the bottom of the page (icons may vary)
  • Say it/Sound it/Spell it: Hear, sound out or spell the word (nickname: The 3 S’s)
  • Touch the up and down triangles to change the volume at the bottom of the page (always on the bottom right)
  • Touch the repeat sign to repeat the question heard
  • Touch the comprehension lightbulb to answer questions about the story (Phonics Program books only)
  • Touch the music note icon to sing a song
  • Touch the illustrations to hear brief dialog from the characters, fun surprises from the pictures or a brief musical sound
  • Background music accompanies most of the book’s pages. If desired, you can turn it on or off by touching the sign “MUSIC ON/OFF”.