The background music can be turned on or off.

The Birthday Surprise Suite Edit

The full underscore is by Gary Schwantes.

  • The Birthday Surprise - The main theme on title page and alphabet pages, variation of theme on pages 8-9
  • What Shall We Get Today? - pages 2-3
  • Welcome to Alphabet Pond! - pages 4-5
  • Think Hard! - pages 6-7
  • We Are Not Long - pages 10-11
  • The Perfect Gift! - pages 12-13
  • An A-B-C-D-Lightful Adventure - pages 14-15
  • Four Game Ditties - Game Music


Head, Shoulders, Knees and ToesEdit

Leap into LearningEdit

Notes: The intro part is also used for the melody of "LeapFrog Family Theme"

Richard ScarryEdit