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Professor Quigley in The Letter Factory

The Lecture Lady Movie

Quigley in a world where Tad doesn't exise

ringmaster Math Circus
Proffesor Quiggley
Hand Five Math Circus
Mr. Websley

Quigley showing blends

Letter E

Letter E

"My boy, just ask if this is the E room."

Dora and boots in the o room

Dora and boots in the o room

Professor Quigley. is a character who runs the factory with Leap, Lily, and Tad. He is a weasel professor. He has a hairless tail that sticks out through his pants. Quigley is a bad animals. But Leap's family is a good animals.  Long-tailed Weasel (Mustula frenta) 

Appearances Edit

  • Key
    The Letter Factory - He shows Tad all the letter training rooms from A to Z. He has a ruler. He has a karate suit where his bare feet are seen.
  • The Talking Words Factory - He shows Tad the vowels, the blends, and how to make words.
  • The Math Circus - He shows Tad the numbers from 0 to 10 and how to add, subtract, and skip count by ten. He is the ringmaster of the circus.
  • Code Word Caper - He shows Tad that vowels, including sometimes Y, can say their names. He also shows him Silent E, the CH-SH-TH Sound Machine, and when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. And whenever someone says "help", a Professor Quigley clone appears.
  • Learn To Read at the Storybook Factory - He shows Tad how to read. He also shows him punctuation, & CHUNKING.
  • A Tad Of Christmas Cheer - In a world where Tad doesn't exist, he lives in a log cabin feeling sad not making a sound excepting groans and moans. He thinks his Tree Trimmer invention is supposed to be a hair trimmer machine
  • The Leap Frog First Dictionary
  • His antlers act as his hair.

He is an elk in the LeapPad 2001 books Leap's Subsitute Teacher Trouble. Letters on the Loose

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Hap the Very Grouchy Storybot Teacher
Shocked Professor Quigley

Goal Edit

To teach tad all his letters numbers and punctuations.

Quotes Edit

  • Hold It! Hold It!
  • I heard a boom boom boom.
  • Excellent observation!
  • The N letters can be a little bit crabby.
  • How about at noon?
  • Near 9 o'clock?
  • Next November?
  • Tad, perhaps we'll have to come back to this room.
  • Hold it! Hold it! Zat's not a word!
  • Actually, that's the letter F.
  • Will they make it, ladies and gentlemen? Hold your breath?
  • The machine has gone mad!
  • Yeah, uh uh, that's a false alarm. Everyone, back to work!
  • Very well done, but, Tad, you don't look so good.
  • And water makes the letters h-h-happy.
  • Brr... It's a good thing I wore my long underwear.
  • Why, that's correct!
  • (singing) The (letter) says... The (letter) says... Every letter makes a sound, the (letter) says...
  • Hello? Anybody home?
  • In these classrooms we teach every letter to make it’s correct sound.
  • You're not cannons, you are the letter B.
  • Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and
  • This is the "C" room.
  • And That's Not All
  • Leap, Lilly, Tad, as a reward for knowing your letters, I present you not with t-shirts, but with Alpha-Z shirts.
  • Hurry Hurry, Step Up

Inspiration Edit

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Kermit the Frog, Grover, and

Storybots Hap the Very Grouchy Storybot Teacher

Murray Monster (Sesame Street),Jiminy Cricket (Pinocchio), Jack, Bob, and Lou (Schoolhouse Rock),Timothy Q Mouse (Dumbo),Barney (Barney and Friends), Moose A. Moose (Nick Jr. and Noggin),Hap{Ask the Storybots),Captain(Pirates Band Of Misfits, Babar the Elephant,Edna Krabappel (The Simpsons),Eppa (Ed and Eppa),Rocky Rhodes, and Fowler,

Xylophone Bird
Animal Alphabet

(Chicken Run),Maestru, Tullah, Inka, Paula and Grampu (Oobi), Nelson the Elephant, Georgina the Giraffe, Molly the Hippo, and Boris the Bear (64 Zoo Lane),Eagle, Owl,Elephant, and Lion (Tinga Tinga Tales), Joe Giraffe(Silly Symphonies), Captain Fred (Yellow Submarine), Lisa ghoul (Happy Tree Friends).

Female Elephant (not horton)

Sammy (Thunder Lizards),Dr. Giggles, Dr. Twiggles, and Cat in the Hat (The Cat in the Hat Knows A lot about That) and other teachers, Dennis the Goldfish (Stanley)

  • He was born in April 4, 1976.
  • He is from Houston, Texas.