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Professor Quigley in The Letter Factory

The Lecture Lady Movie

Quigley in a world where Tad doesn't exise

Two Letters S and T

Professor Quigley is a character who runs the factory with Leap, Lily, and Tad. He's a weasel professor[1]. His tail sticks out through his pants.

Appearances Edit

  • The Letter Factory - He shows Tad all the letter training rooms from A to Z. He has a ruler. He has a karate suit where his bare feet are seen.
  • The Talking Words Factory - He shows Tad the vowels, the blends, and how to make words.
  • The Math Circus - He shows Tad the numbers from 0 to 10 and how to add, subtract, and skip count by ten. He is the ringmaster of the circus.
  • Code Word Caper - He shows Tad that vowels, including sometimes Y, can say their names. He also shows him Silent E, the CH-SH-TH Sound Machine, and when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking. And whenever someone says "help", a Professor Quigley clone appears.
  • Learn To Read at the Storybook Factory - He shows Tad how to read. He also shows him punctuation, & CHUNKING.
  • A Tad Of Christmas Cheer - In a world where Tad doesn't exist, he lives in a log cabin feeling sad not making a sound excepting groans and moans. He thinks his Tree Trimmer invention is supposed to be a hair trimmer machine
  • The Leap Frog First Dictionary
  • Letters on the Loose
  • Letter Factory Game

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Quotes Edit

  • Hold It! Hold It!
  • I heard a boom boom boom.
  • Excellent observation!
  • The K letters are hard at work!
  • The N letters can be a little bit crabby.
  • How about at noon?
  • Near 9 o'clock?
  • Next November?
  • Tad, perhaps we'll have to come back to this room.
  • Hold it! Hold it! Zat's not a word!
  • Actually, that's the letter F.
  • Will they make it, ladies and gentlemen? Hold your breath?
  • The machine has gone mad!
  • Yeah, uh uh, false alarm. Everyone, back to work!
  • Very well done, but, Tad, you don't look so good.
  • And water makes the H’s h-h-happy.
  • Brr... It's a good thing I wore my long underwear.
  • Why, that's correct!
  • This is our E trainer. He's teaching the sound of the letter E. "E" as in egg and elephant.
  • (singing) The (letter) says... The (letter) says... Every letter makes a sound, the (letter) says...
  • Hello? Anybody home?
  • (on his card) The name is Quigley, Professor Quigley.
  • In these classrooms we teach every letter to make it’s correct sound.
  • You're not cannons, you are the letter B.
  • Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and Girls!
  • This is the "C" room.
  • And That's Not All
  • Leap, Lily, Tad, as a reward for knowing your letters, I present you not with t-shirts, but with Alpha-Z shirts.
  • Hurry Hurry, Step Up
  • 1+1=2
  • I now direct you to not look left, not right, and not down, but UP!
  • (Singing) You got a (number) and (number) quidget, and that's not all. (number) little coin on a shelf on a wall. (number) of Tad's fingers, those aren't his toes. A (number) quidget worm, let's see how it grows and that's the number (number).