Sections of the Band is an interactive 2-page activity about sections of the band. It was in Leap into Learning and A Collection from the LeapPad Library, starring narrator Jim Marggraff and Leap, the guide/assistant to the narrator.

In the early 2000's, Leap was replaced with a marching band.

The band consists of musical instruments in three sections in the red, white, and blue areas (just like the American or England flag). Percussion, brass, and woodwind sounds are heard in the sections.

Characters Edit


  • Percussion instruments are in the red area.
  • Brass instruments are in the white area.
  • Woodwind instruments are in the blue area.

Musical InstrumentsEdit

Each instrument has its own unique sound, and the instruments have their own pitch, whether low (ie. tuba) or high (ie.flute), except those who have indefinite pitch (bass drum, snare drum, cymbal).

Percussion SectionEdit

  • bass drum (indefinite pitch)
  • snare drum (indefinite pitch)
  • cymbal (indefinite pitch)
  • glockenspiel (high pitch, range g2-c5)

Brass SectionEdit

  • trombone (middle pitch, range E-c2)
  • trumpet (high pitch, range f-f4)
  • tuba (low pitch, C1-f1)

Woodwind SectionEdit

  • clarinet (alto pitch, e-a3)
  • saxophone (alto pitch, b-flat - f3)
  • flute (high pitch, c-f4)


Original USA:

  1. Stars and Stripes Forever (John Philip Sousa (adapted by Jeanne Parson and Judy Munsen))
  2. America the Beautiful (music: Samuel Ward; lyrics: Katharine Lee Bates (arranged by Jeanne Parson and Judy Munsen))
  3. Take Me Out to the Ballgame (music: Albert Von Tilzer; lyrics: Jack Norworth (arranged by Jeanne Parson and Jay Cloidt))

Click HERE to listen to all 3 songs!

The UK version had three songs changed from the original 3 in the original USA version.

  1. God Save Our Noble King
  2. London Bridge
  3. What Child is This? (Greensleeves)


The conductor will perform the whole band with all three sections.


  • The old version has a lily pad.
  • The new version has a music staff.
  • There are two sections to choose and hear together.
    • Percussion and Brass
    • Brass and Woodwind
    • Woodwind and Percussion

Trivia Edit

  • This was the only time mentioned that Leap's favorite instrument was the glockenspiel, in where he tells this quote to the viewers and plays it. What wasn’t mentioned is his siblings’ favorites: Lily prefers the flute (revealed in Counting on Leap) and for Tad, the trombone (revealed in the My First LeapPad book I Know My ABC’s!); he kept these 2 opinions a secret. After this portion of the book, he unraveled them out and his siblings start to show off their own musical opinions when they play their favorite marching band instruments on these 2 other books.
  • For the song "America the Beautiful", the 2001/Plus Writing/Microphone versions use the true melody of this song while the 1999 Leap Into Learning uses different musical instruments playing their own parts ripped off from the full song (you will hear the full tune if the conductor is touched).
  • Arranger Jeanne Parson thought she was going to put another Sousa march "Hands Across the Sea" and Edwin E. Bagley's "National Emblem March" but the two songs that were about to be put were scrapped out. At last minute, they were both replaced by "America the Beautiful" and "Take Me Out to the Ball Game".
  • If the reader touches him again, he will ask the reader to touch the reader's favorite instrument or say, "Isn't it cool how the sections mix together?" to show that they form a marching band together.
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